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Tea Tree Gift Set


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    I really love Tea tree, its an essential oil I always lean towards. It as heaps of benefits for skin - it is anti microbial, anti inflammatory, anti fungal, calms redness and can even help reduce the appearance of scars. 

    It is well known as a great choice for those with oily or acne prone skin, but its properties make it an excellent choice for a deodorant as it keeps you fresh and kills any bacteria caused by sweating! 

    This gift set combination contains the following: 

    1 x Bain and Savon Tea Tree and Bergamot Natural Deodorant 30ml

    Normal deodorants work by blocking your pores and stopping you from sweating (and also releasing toxins your body is trying to expell!) natural deodorants do not stop your body from sweating, but they will effectively target and neutralise odours, keeping you smelling fresh! 

    This Tea Tree and Bergamot deodorant is made completely of natural ingredients, is vegan friendly and arrives in a 30ml recyclable tin. Tea Tree oil has magnificent antibacterial properties, making it perfect for natural deodorants. The addition of Bergamot means the smell is still subtle, whilst Bergamot boosts mood uplifting properties as well as being know to improve skin condition. 

    To use: Rub fingers on to the creme and apply directly to underarms, it melts on contact with warm skin. Will leave no white mark or staining on your skin. 

    1 x Heavenly Organics Tea Tree Facial Scrub 100g

    A great choice for those with oily or spot prone skin, this sea salt scrub will leave you skin thoroughly cleaned but also moisturised. The salt is blended with sunflower oil, which does not clog pores an is rich in anti oxidants. The 100g glass jar lasts a really long time, just apply with a dry hand to ensure water doesn't mix with the salt. 

    1 x Heavenly Organics Lavender and Tea Tree Foot Balm (15g)

    Solid foot lotion perfect for tired feet in need of some TLC! The balm is a special blend of Organic Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Lavender essential oil and Tea Tree essential oil. As with all the Heavenly Organics products, each ingredient is carefully selected. Cocoa butter is chosen due to its ability to hydrate the skin and provide moisture. The high fat content in Cocoa butter means it forms a protective barrier over the skin to lock in moisture, making it ideal for use on feet. Only a tiny amount is needed per application, it blends really well into skin. 

    Gift wrapping is available with a seeded paper gift message. An example of our plastic free Christmas gift wrapping is shown in the product images. 


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