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ITS BACK - Our customer favourite soap for Autumn and Winter. Cosy, comforting, warming and jam packed with goodness. 

It's the season for snuggling and this special blend of apple, cinammon, ginger, patchouli and orange will ignite those warm fuzzy feelings inside. 

We are super excited to be working with The Sussex Handmade Soap Company. They are based opposite us, so if you're looking for a soap with low travel miles and a small carbon footprint, these have travelled about 100 steps! 

All of their soaps contain 100% natural ingredients, locally sourced where possible and are made my hand. 

The apple juiced in this soap is locally sourced and means this soap is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. The apple juice is combined with ground ginger and cinammon and then blended with patchouli, orange and cinammon essential oils. Heaven! 

Storage - the soaps are best stored on a soap rest to keep them dry between uses. These will last an impressive 6 months from opening. 

Each hand cut bar weighs approx 120g.  Fully recyclable packaging. Vegan friendly, palm oil free, SLS and any other nasties free. 

About The Sussex Handmade Soap Company

Based in Hastings, Anne and Wayne started making soaps as a hobby, to combine their love of cooking, chemistry and science. They first tested their soaps on family and friends and have now perfected their craft to design this very special collection. Many of the botanicals and other ingredients are grown in their garden and their love for what they do really shows in their soaps!


The Sussex Handmade Soap Company

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Sussex Handmade Soap - Spiced Apple and Ginger

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