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Soda crystals are finally here in bulk! 

An absolute must if you're looking for super affordable, natural cleaning products. Also a must for Nancy Birtwhistle fans, you'll see Soda crystals, or "washing soda" appearing a lot in her books) 

Soda crystals are FAB are dissolving grease, limescale and removing stains from washing. Their use in laundry is where they were traditionally used, hence the nickname "washing soda". Think of washing soda as your "heavy duty" natural cleaning, so for those really dirty jobs that you dont want to be reach for the chemicals! 

  • Clear crystals that dissolve in hot water
  • Will make easy work of pans and pots with burnt on food - Just soak the pan with hot water and soda crystals and leave overnight, or make a thick paste, apply and leave over night
  • Great for keeping drains clear as they dissolve grease, just pour a cup of crystals down the sink with hot water once a week to keep your drains running smoothly and removing any build up 
  • Use to boost your laundry detergent and soften water - Just pop a tablespoon straight in your washing machine detergent drawer and thats it! The soda crystals will help remove stains and also soften the water. 
  • Removing stains - Make up a strong solution of soda crystals and soak the stain for an hour before washing. Tip - if you have a really difficult stain to deal with, a combination of natural bleach and washing soda can be used and works a TREAT. Much more affordable than the stain remover we all know in a bright pink tub... 
  • Kill moss and algae - Soda crystals can be used outside too! Used to clean outside plant pots, benches and remove moss. Just sprinkle soda crystals over the moss and dampen. Leave for a couple of days and the moss will turn brown and can be brushed off
  • Will be sent in a rescued and reused plastic tub - you can then keep in the container we send, or decant in to your own.
  • Become part of our zero waste system - We encourage our customers to collect up a Royal Mail Small Parcel box worth of empty bottles and containers, and return to us so we can reuse them again and again. £3 postage is refunded in loyalty points for you to use against your next order! 



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Soda Crystals (Soda Ash, Washing Soda)

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