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Reusable Sanitary Pads - Light/Pantyliner Set

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One sanitary towel can take up to 500 years to decompose. That is a really scary thought. Every single sanitary thrown away is likely to outlive our great, grandchildren! 

These reusable alternatives from the wonderful small biz The Little Eco Sewing Shop are a great eco friendly swap to make and one that will save you money in the long term. The pads are made from reclaimed material, helping reduce waste, giving unwanted material a new purpose and helping fight the battle against fast fashion, a massive contributor to greenhouse gases and pollution. 

One use sanitary pads are not only made of plastic, they are also wrapped in plastic and are an environmental nightmare, with lots ending up being flushed away and stuck in our sewers. (If you've seen THAT Fatberg documentary, you'll know what we're talking about!)

All of the pads come with two width options, fastened with poppers. 

This pack of three light flow/pantyliners is ideal for those with a light flow, days coming on or off your flow, those who use a cup but still find a few leakages and women during menopause. They are suitable for everyday use.  

They are made up of two layers of flannelette which is ideal for a light flow. The light pads measure 8" in length and the adjustable widths are either 2.25" or 2.5"

How to use: 

Simply pop into your underwear fleece side down and fasten with poppers. If changing whilst out and about, remove pad and roll it in on its self and fasten with poppers, so the fleece side is on the outside. We recommend some sort of reusable wet bag/wash bag etc to store them in whilst out and about. If you have the correct absorbency they wont be wet or a mess to change. 

Washing instructions: 

  1. Prewash before first use. DO NOT use softener as this will reduce absorbency.
  2.  Once used, soak them in COLD water. You can use a stain remover at this point, or we recommend using castille soap as that is a fab stain remover! After soaking, rinse in COLD water then pop into the washing machine, you can rub on more castille soap or stain remover if needed.
  3. Wash as normal with detergent but no fabric softener on a 30 - 40 degree wash. 
  4. Hang to dry, they can be popped in the tumble dryer on a low setting but over time some shrinkage might occur. 

About The Little Eco Sewing Shop

A one woman business run by the lovely Genna in Staffordshire, The Little Eco Sewing Shop is on a mission to create a better future for our children by providing high quality reusable products such as pads and handmade, one of a kind baby items. Family and her two young children inspire Genna to create a better future and help combat the issue of fast fashion by reusing unwanted material as well as providing sustainable options to help us reduce waste. The material Genna uses is sourced from seamstresses leftover fabrics or second hand stores and we absolutely love that an unwanted item is given a new lease of life. 

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