Thank you so much for visiting our little eco shop! Based in the wonderful Sussex country side,The Little Green Fox is a family business run by myself, around our toddler, baby and of course Rufus the infamous Weimaraner. 

When we became parents in 2019, it became increasingly on our radar that we needed to choose more sustainable, ethical choices for our family. There is a daunting amount of plastic in every household, but introduce a baby into the mix and that amount seems to triple. I would clean certain rooms of the house and then not let her near them for hours, because I could feel and smell chemicals in the air. We started reading ingredients on the back of packaging, most of which we couldn't even pronounce. 

We decided to make small, eco friendly swaps. To use our local refill station. To try and buy produce locally, with minimal packaging. To buy products with a story behind them, with a face, with ingredients we actually understood! From there the idea of The Little Green Fox grew. 

The biggest push for me to start The Little Green Fox was when we lost my wonderful, amazing Mum in a road traffic accident 5 days before Christmas 2019. I needed something positive to focus on, to find the light again after our lives became engulfed in darkness. Mum worked in a small business on our local high street and always encouraged me to "shop small", so I want to create a shop that combines our love for all things eco friendly, with my Mums passion about small businesses. I want to be able to tell my daughters that I managed to create something really positive, show them that hard work does pay off and to never give up. 

We can see the impact it is having on our home. Things we buy last longer, there's fewer nasty chemicals and much less packaging being thrown away. We are supporting businesses here in the UK, who now more than ever need our support. Little changes really can make a big impact. 

We hope you like our humble little shop. It will very much be a project of love and we hope you sense that when you receive your items. Each one is carefully packed and you will never find any plastic in our packaging, even the tape is recyclable. We reuse all of the boxes we receive from suppliers and with the introduction of our rescued refills, we're even rescuing plastic bottles. 

We love to hear feedback and if there is a product or item you would like to see on our site, please get in touch. 

Thank you 

Jodie x