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The green alternative to harsh, chlorine based bleach. Our best selling product is finally available as a refill, meaning larger quantities, bulk buy discounts and it arrives in rescued tubs! 

Natural bleach, also called Oxugen bleach, green bleach or Sodium Percarbonate, is a powerful but natural eco cleaning product. It is multi use and can be used on every room of the house including the garden. 

Arriving in small bead form, it dissolves in hot water to form a milky liquid. As it dissolves it releases oxygen and is a powerful natural stain remover, deodoriser and disinfectant. 

Where to use: 

  • Shines as a laundry stain remover - either make a paste and apply directly, soak, or just chuck a heaped tablespoon straight in your detergent drawer in your washing machine. It whitens white and is especially effective if you're drying your clothes in the sun! 
  • Will easily remove limscale marks on the bottom of the toilet - pour a couple of tablespoons down, and leave. Pour hot water down too for particularly stubborn stain
  • Great at cleaning grout due to its whitening properties
  • Use as a green alternative to anything you'd usually use bleach on, eg I use it for disinfecting the bin 
  • Super at removing tea and coffee stains in mugs - pour a teaspoon in, fill with hot water, and allow to soak. 
  • Ideal for general cleaning around the house and garden. 
  • 500g - 3kg refill options available. Will be sent in rescued packaging, but clearly labelled with info and directions. 

My top tip - natural bleach dissolves best using HOT water. Not necessarily boiling, but very hot water from the tap is best. 



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Natural Bleach/Oxygen Bleach

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