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YUP. They're here. We are SUPER excited to be stocking the wonderful Nancy Birtwhistle books, and they really do make the most wonderful gifts this festive season. 

Nancy won the Great British Bake Off and has continued on to become the QUEEN of eco friendly living on Instagram. Gaining a huge following for her easy, low cost, green tips and recipes, Nancy has made eco friendly living more mainstream, cost effective and easy to navigate.

  • 101 hints, tips and tricks for a more sustainable home
  • Includes the full recipes for Nancys homemade, super effective cleaners - including "Cream Cleaner" and "Pure Magic", both have gone viral on instagram due to their effectiveness and how easy they are to make! 
  • LOW COST green living - Nancy is big on homemade cleaners using natural ingredients, tips using simple ingredients such as vinegar, washing up liquid, bicarb, natural bleach etc... 
  • Easy to understand, beautifully written and illustrated
  • Ideal for those looking to make eco friendly changes on a budget
  • Covers a huge range of cleaning situations - from cleaning your dishwasher, making homemade laundry detergent,removing stains through to furniture polish and eco friendly pesticide! 

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Clean & Green - Nancy Birtwhistle (Paperback)

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