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Citric acid has arrived in our refill section! This means lower prices, more flexible buying options and of course, a bulk buy discount. As with all of our Rescued Refills - your citric acid will be sent out in a reused tub. Will it be a reused ice cream tub? A coffee jar? A compostable pouch? Who knows! That's part of the fun! 

Citric acid is super useful, natural, multi use product that is great for household cleaning. If you live in a hard water area in particular, its an absolute must have. 

Weak food grade citric acid is great at removing limescale, which makes this a really effective but eco friendly way at de-scaling your kettle, washing machine and toilet. It's acidic properties also make it a great way to clean rust! 

If you struggle to remove those stubborn limescale marks at the bottom of your toilet, this is BY FAR the easiest way to shift them. NO chemical bleach is needed. Just pour a couple of tablespoons in and around the toilet bowl and leave overnight. It will leave your toilet white and sparkly. 

There are tons of recipes and ideas available online on how to best use citric acid, but just a few ways to use citric acid include: 

  • Removing soap scum from your bath, shower and also shower doors (just dilute approx 1:6 in water and spray, clean and rinse)
  • Homemade fabric softener (works in a similar way to vinegar, which is also said to be a natural fabric softener) particularly great if you live in a hard water area
  • Cleaning the dishwasher - just pour into your tablet dispenser and run a load
  • General household cleaning
  • Removing limescale and rust
  • Cleaning the washing machine - again just add a couple of tablespoons into the detergent drawer
  • Our citric acid is also food grade - meaning it CAN be used for things like pickling, wine making and rinsing fruit and veg and also for craft projects like DIY bath bombs! 



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