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Our refill bicarbonate of soda is here! Meaning lower prices, bulk buy discounts and rescued packaging. 

Bicarb of soda is an affordable, effective natural cleaner. It is great at removing odours, adding a little bit of extra scrubbing powder and removing stains. 

Our refill bicarb of soda will be sent in a rescued and reused tub of some sort. You can either keep it in the tub provided, or decant into your own.

  • Great low cost, all round natural cleaner
  • Effective at removing odours - think stinky shoes, fridge odours, smelly bins and even as a carpet refresher
  • Great at removing stains - carpet stains through to those pesky tupperware stains! 
  • Adds a gentle abrasive and scrubbing power to cleaning tasks - eg use alongside half a lemon to refresh and clean a chopping board
  • Multiple sizes available, will be sent in a rescued container
  • High quality and organic - also food grade meaning it can be used in cooking and also for things like bath bomb or toilet bomb making



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Bicarb of Soda

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